Arm Wrestling Machine+handles

 This is my first arm wrestling machine I made over 26 years ago. Very primitive but it worked.
  This is my newest and most advanced arm wrestling / training machine in the world TERMINATOR PRO 2016. This machine is designed for the gym or club.
  This is my newest table with many new features that no other table in the world has TERMINATOR  2016.

   Here are my four handles  that I made and each one serves a different purpose.

   TERMINATOR WF handle (WF stands for wrist forearm) designed for weight plates.

    TERMINATOR WF cable handle. Designed to be used with a cable machine and an arm wrestling table. This handle is all about hand pressure.

  TERMINATOR RING handle. This is another specialized handle, check out the you tube video to see it in action.
   This is my very popular 3D handle with double torsions springs built inside of the hand grip. I do not sell any longer.
   This is my one of my early TERMINTOR arm wrestling machine. I do not sell this any longer.

   Back of my Terminator Pro.

 One of my earlier handles i designed and made.
 another one of my earlier handles.
 the counter balance for the TERMINATOR PRO arm wrestling / training machine.