Arm Wrestling Machine+handles

                                                                                                                         MY NEW TABLE

Here are some recent pictures of my newest table. I just had it tested at a recent arm wrestling tournament. It worked great. Yes it was a mess when they were done but with some help from a vacuum cleaner and a couple of wet towels it cleaned right up. On this table I am now using 2" round steel tubing for the legs, new pad material, top of all pads now have real leather, hand grips spin smoothly in place, frame is welded together for strength, 6 two inch thick rubber rollers, total of 22 bearings for smoothness, new X design for the bottom floor frame, Pre-drilled holes in bottom of frame for mounting, redsigned shifting mechanism, and yes all pads still shift from left to right by just moving the handle under the table. Will be making a video of it soon.