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        Above is my TERMINATOR WF handle weight plate model. WF stands for wrist and forearms. I have made some improvements to it. The frame is about an inch longer by the hand grip so that in the future you can put on another one of my different shape grips such as 1.5" square, 1.5" round and maybe others. The 1" steel shaft for weight plates is longer for more plates, frame has been changed in size a little but is still made from 3/4" solid steel stock for strength and I now have a removeable pin so you can change the link for left or right hand easily. For the person serious about building forearm strength this is your tool. This handle is not another dumbell used for wrist curls but is a big step beyond in function. Wrist curls only require the cupping of your hand to curl the weight up, this device requires you to also twist the grip in order to curl the weight up and this is were most people are weak. Even though you think you are strong because you can wrist curl with one hand 120 pounds (example) you still have a weak grip because you won't be able to curl that same weight with my TERMINATOR WF handle. This handle was solely designed for those that want to increase there grip strength and go to the next level. I invented and make these myself right here in the USA. A few years ago it was featured in "Muscle and Fitness" magazine on page 24 with a colored pictured and a very good review by the magazine as "Gear of the Month" they liked it so much that they did this article for free. The steel frame is made of 3/4" solid steel rod that I heat first then bend to shape for strength, the bolt is stainless steel and is welded on for steadiness, the hand grip is 1/8" thick steel tube (2" fat) with replaceable grip tape, the black link is either 3/16" or 1/4" thick steel by 1" wide, I use 4 high quality oversize ball bearings for smoothness, also comes with two 1" machine collars and allen wrench and you add the weight  price $130 plus $15 shipping(USA)  total  $145


      TERMINATOR arm wrestling machine,  TERMINATOR weight plate handle,  TERMINATOR cable handle,  3D handle, TERMINATOR model arm wrestling machine, TERMINATOR arm wrestling table, TERMINATOR PRO arm wrestling machine. My PRO machine will have some innovative features that no other machine has ever had. These features will make the rest absolute. I just want to take you to the highest level in training.                 *** MADE IN THE USA***

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          TERMINATOR WEIGHT PLATE HANDLE     http://youtu.be/rlwKeGt4h7c

           TERMINATOR CABLE HANDLE     http://youtu.be/PA_FERuu380

           TERMINATOR 3D handle     http://youtu.be/2cVDoN1jO2A

           TERMINATOR ARM WRESTLING MACHINE     http://youtu.be/B1ccLy4U_pU

          TERMINATOR ARM WRESTLING TABLE     http://youtu.be/VsOtiy6J64U

            BRZENK vs FISHER (I took it) 2009     https://youtu.be/SOh6pyj9gLE




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